Ensure your eye care with high street opticians

High street opticians are a branch of Leightons opticians the best in town opticians. Leightons has set up different branches at different places in order provide more comfort to its customers. You could visit our store in any place and will be sure to find consistent prices. So if were to shift from this place to another you can be sure to have Leightons for your eye care.


High street opticians provide you with vying offers on designer eye ware, prescription offers and lenses. You can also avail discounts on eye check ups. Apart from all this we house a lot of goods which would satisfy all your eye needs. From safety ware to children eye care, from sun glasses to spectacles we are sure to provide you with all that you can ask for. We also provide hearing aids.


You can visit our website in order to find out and follow the latest happenings in the field of eye care. The press releases are also available in our website. A read through this will let you know about the credibility of our store. Above all this our promotional offers are also available online.



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