Benefits of corporate eye tests scheme

The corporate eye tests scheme is offered to all types of offices and corporate institutions. This offers special prices and discounts on all type of eye examination for your employees so that they can afford all types of eye care at inexpensive costs. All types of advantages are available with this plan and you can ensure that your duty and legal requirements towards your employees are met. This will also ensure that your employees will be able to get the best eye care at the most affordable prices.


The corporate eye tests scheme offers a number of benefits. Eye examination and other preventive measures and eye treatments are offered for discount prices and other types of discount coupons are available. A complete eye examination is available for a less as $20 and complete examination along with sight correction is offered for $35 dollars.


As per the corporate scheme there are special offers and eye tests that are offered for corporate employees. Along with a full eye examination and a complete treatment measures including sight correction measures, follow up tests are also offered. Thus, it is obvious that this scheme can be very advantageous for all!

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