Optician eye tests are essential

Optician eye tests are essential to understand your optical health as any deterioration in eye sight is so gradual that it can go unnoticed. It is not just a test but also an indicator of your general health as it gives important information. If a person has diabetes then his eye check will give a clear indication of his health condition.

Even for children eye test are very important as they often cannot understand if they have a sight problem. The child might face problem while playing or at school because of a sight problem.

It is a wise idea to have regular optician eye tests done as they neither take up a lot of time nor does it cost a lot. In fact the government health policies might give you a fair amount of discounts for different age groups and different conditioned people. As for children they have a free test till a certain age starting from them leaving the hospital at birth. Also for senior citizen they too can avail good discounts.

For certain conditions like glaucoma where the there is gradual degeneration of the optic nerve. There are many factors like poor blood flow to eye, high internal pressure in the eye and also genetic factor. Macular degeneration is another condition where the retina which deals with detailed vision is also affected and it can be a dry eye condition or a wet eye condition.

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