A regular checkup for eyes is necessary to avoid the damage due to unrecognized diagnosis. For many of us the eye disease or vision problems are developed without us knowing them. So to avoid such situation and to reduce further damage, regular eye checkups are needed. The regular eye tests that the doctor performs are that he asks the patient to read letters from a chart. Each line has letter of different sizes and get smaller after each line. These are the basic tests to confirm the vision is normal or not and to diagnose the problems with the eye sight. Early diagnosis of eyes is mandatory for young children to diagnose the eye health as it can prevent the development and learning problems.

Regular eye tests for young children between age group of 1 to 5 will avoid the common toddler eye problems like crossed eyes, turned out eyes or lazy eyes. With the change in the playing habits of children, their activities like watching too much of TV, playing computer games are affecting the eye sight a lot. So to maintain proper vision regular checkups have become compulsory. Even in adult their working culture, life style, and their habits are reflecting in the eight sights. For people who strain their eyes for long time as their professions demand need regular eye checkups without fail.

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